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Elias Picazo

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University of Southern California

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Harvard University

NIH K99/R00 Postdoctoral Fellow (2021)
Advisor: Eric N. Jacobsen


University of California, Los Angeles

Ph.D. in Chemistry (2018)
NIH F31 Fellow

Advisor: Neil K. Garg

University of California, Santa Barbara

B.S. in Chemistry, Math (2013)

Advisor: Armen Zakarian


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About Elias

Elias was born and raised in California. He studied chemistry and math at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). At UCSB, Elias performed undergraduate research with Armen Zakarian. Upon completing his undergraduate studies, Elias moved to Los Angeles to study with Neil Garg at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In 2018, Elias completed his doctoral studies and left California to study with Eric Jacobsen at Harvard University. Over the years, Elias has gained expertise in synthesis, catalysis, and reaction development. Now Elias is back in California aiming to develop interesting reactions and to efficiently synthesize molecules of interest. Students interested in research are encouraged to reach out.

Awards and Recognitions

Independent Career, University of Southern California

President's Sustainability Initiative Award, 2024

Postdoctoral Studies, Harvard

NIH K99/R00 Fellowship, 2020

Graduate Studies, University of California Los Angeles

RSC Horizon Prize (Student), 2021

Pfizer–UCLA Dissertation Award, 2018

UCLA Satyan and Vimala Majeti Dissertation Award, 2018

UCLA Christopher S. Foote Fellowship, 2016

NIH F31 Fellowship, 2015–2018

UCLA Eugene V. Cota–Robles Fellowship, 2013–2017

NSF AGEP Fellowship, 2013

Undergraduate Studies, University of California Santa Barbara

UCSB UCLEADs Fellowship, 2012–2013

Pfizer AIR Fellowship, 2012

UCSB Chancellor's Scholar, 2009–2013

UCSB Dean's Honor, 2009–2013

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