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Research Interests

Current Areas of Study

We aim to solve long-standing challenges in organic synthesis and catalysis. Our research interests focus on selective, catalytic transformations and the synthesis of molecules of interest.


Transition-Metal and Enantioselective Catalysis

Transition metals provide a powerful platform for reaction discovery. One transition metal of note is palladium, which is typically the go-to metal for Nobel-recognized cross-coupling reactions (see scheme in image).


We are interested in exploring the capabilities of catalysts that are less understood than palladium. We will use our understanding to tackle our primary objectives of developing reactions unique to the base-metal catalysts, enantioselective reactions, and other reactions that provide practical advantages.


Challenges in target-oriented synthesis point out gaps in our current methodologies and, as a result, provide a strong foundation for chemical creativity. Molecules of interest include: materials, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and natural products. Of particular interest are photoswitchable molecules and applications therein.

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